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03 Aug

Dubli now in Australia – online shopping fun & worldwide business

Posted in General on 03.08.10


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08 Jun

Home Business Roasting Coffee

Posted in General on 08.06.10

How Coffee Can Make You Wealthy

Coffee anyone?

If you have been looking at ways to create a cash flow business with little investment, you may want to first find what the hottest growing market is that will give you the best turn around on profit.

Here is the method that will increase profits. A company that has chosen to distribute its products utilizing the same method of distribution used by many of the most successful companies in the world.

The method of distribution that has chosen to deliver these unique coffees is cooperative marketing. cooperative marketing is currently a $30 million industry in the United States alone, reaching over $110 billion worldwide. Cooperative marketing is one of the most effective methods for reaching customers with over 50 million participants worldwide, and over 10% of all U.S. households engaged in this exploding business model.

The key to cooperative marketing is relationships. For example, we are always referring the things and people we like to those individuals in our circle of influence. Whether it is a restaurant, a haircut, or just a good movie, we naturally tell others of the people and things we like or enjoy. Additionally, we often listen to the opinions and referrals that our friends and family often share with us.

Now for the hottest product in the world. The buzz at the moment is coffee. Coffee is a 70 billion dollar industry and is renowned for being the largest traded food commodity second to only water. Coffee has not only taken off in restaurant franchise venues it now also plays a huge part in the coffee connoisseurs buying habits who also want to brew their favorite java in the comfort of their own home.

Coffee can make you wealthy.The Network Marketing system ha proven it. This system will show you how easy it is to set up your own website system to sell 100% organically grown, infrared roasted coffee and quickly see a turn around in revenue. By leading the way in marketing to help form your new business with relationships you already have in place, makes the groundwork for launching a successful business-one that is already in place and just waiting for you tap into the wealth you have always dreamed of.

Connecting with others is a key factor in watching any business grow and a coffee business is no exception. Sharing with others the same opportunity try great coffee is essential in getting your businessoff to a fast, yet successful start. Sharing those techniques with others is key to overall success and wealth.

No matter what the state of the economy, people do not want to give up their coffee. They will pay for a great cup of coffee.You will want more information on how to start a great business with a favorite beverage around the world.

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29 May

Dubli Newsletter

Posted in General on 29.05.10

Newsletter     |     May 28, 2010

DubLi Network

At the International Sales Directors’ training held May 15th and 16th at DubLi’s global headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, Michael Hansen, Founder of DubLi and CEO and Director of MediaNet Group delivered some of the features of the rollout plan for the next few months. Advancements include a DubLi Global Auction; DubLi Entertainment; DubLi Network Academy offered virtually; and an enhanced DubLi Shopping Mall.


For your convenience, we have included a link to YouTube for the video recap of the International Sales Directors’ training held May 15th and 16th. And, this video as well as pictures of the event can also be found by visiting the back office. The video may be found at DubLi T.V. while the pictures are found at ‘Gallery’ in the Company Information section.

Please click here to go to learn more.

For the first time ever, customers from around the globe will be able to share in the excitement and fun that is DubLi.com with DubLi’s global auction. In addition to the new Australian platform, June is the time that DubLi’s global auction will be brought to life as well. The North America auction will continue to offer the 200+ products with over 100 items being offered across three of the platforms (North America, Europe and Australia). DubLi will offer a total of four auction platforms; the two current platforms one for North America and one for Europe, and the two additional platforms one for Australia and the other for the entire rest of the world. The North America auction will continue to offer the 200+ products with over 100 items being offered across three of the auctions (North America, Europe and Australia). Of these 100+ top of the line, brand name products 50+ will be available on the global auction. The global auction will provide brand name products, unique items, and adventures to customers anywhere in the world…yes, anywhere in the world…in real time!

These four platforms will interact and impact the other in that bids for items on any of the auctions will decrease the price of that auction item accordingly. Customers around the world will vie for the cutting edge products offered on DubLi auctions. And, each auction will also show the price of the item in that country’s currency.

Another historic first is DubLi entertainment for all of a customer’s entertainment needs. From music to movies, radio to electronic books, DubLi entertainment will provide it all! And, DubLi makes access to entertainment seamless and easy – a monthly rate of DubLi credits opens the world of DubLi entertainment to customers any time, any where around the world…around the world! The fourth quarter of 2010 will be an extremely exhilarating time for DubLi as music will be the first piece of the entertainment offerings of DubLi entertainment.

Soon to follow will be movies, ebooks, audio books, and games. And, DubLi makes access to entertainment seamless and easy for a monthly rate of Credits the world of DubLi entertainment is available to customers any time, any where around the world…around the world!

Additional components of DubLi entertainment are still forthcoming, however we can share that a DubLi mascot is currently under development. The DubLi mascot will provide tutorials for DubLi entertainment as well as assist with auction information and guidance and will become a branded tool of DubLi.

Education is paramount in the network marketing industry and DubLi makes education a top priority. Because of this we are making the DubLi Network Academy virtual and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Over the next six weeks, development will continue until the virtual Academy becomes complete and available for all Business Associates wherever and whenever information is wanted or needed.

Lead by Dr. Charles King, a Harvard graduate and a leading expert in the network marketing industry with nearly 20 years of experience, the virtual DubLi Network Academy will provide stellar information and education for anyone, anywhere at any time. The doors of this virtual Academy and incredible institution will never close but rather will remain open and welcoming to all DubLi Network ‘students’ who seek knowledge in the Network Marketing industry. “I am pleased to be a part of this groundbreaking accomplishment with the virtual DubLi Network Academy and honored to be associated with a such an up and coming legend in the industry”, Dr. Charles King at the Sales Directors’ training on May 15th, 2010.

Business Associates will soon be required to complete training hours in order to become certified in DubLi’s network marketing organization – another industry standard set by DubLi Network.

DubLi shopping malls will be enhanced and brought to an entirely different level. Customers will be able to complete comparison shopping across all vendors in the mall and across auctions, guaranteeing the absolute best prices for our customers. Along with cross selling, price alerts, and the ability to personalize a mall to a user the DubLi shopping malls are changing the game.

CINCH and CONNECT will bring all facets of DubLi offerings together.

In addition to sharing credits with CINCH, the software will soon allow customers to send music and eventually games, audio books, and electronic books to name a few. The system will allow customers to activate an auction alert when an item of interest reaches a certain price. The alert can be received via electronic mail or text message. CINCH will be able to set up automatic bids with reminders for customers who wish to continue bidding on an item when unable to find more time.

And, we are in the process of developing a desktop application as well as an application for any mobile device.

With DubLi’s CINCH, entertainment, shopping, and auctions will be fully integrated making customer use easy, efficient, reliable and, of course, fun.

New DubLi Business Opportunity Presentation

Dean Mannheimer hosts the newest business opportunity video presentation. The video presentation and the newest business opportunity PowerPoint presentation will set the standard. The video is presented in English with the PowerPoint presentation and will be available in six languages, English, Spanish, Danish, German, Russian and Polish, during the next week. You don’t want to miss any of these…truly business tools you cannot be without.

The video presentation may be found in the DubLi Network back office under DubLi T.V very soon and the PowerPoint presentation found under Marketing/Presentations.

Stock Chat

As a member of the DubLi family we would like to provide you with first hand information of all of latest and greatest news about MediaNet Group (MEDG).

As a publicly held company since 2003, MediaNet Group Technologies, Inc. is now the parent company of DubLi, DubLi.com, and BSP Rewards and as such is revered as a global network marketing and eCommerce organization providing top of the line, brand name products to consumers throughout the world at substantial savings.

With great pride we report some of the financial highlights of MediaNet Group for the first six months of the fiscal year ending September 30, 2010.  In the first half of this year revenue increased by 77% compared to the same period in 2009.   In fact, revenue for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2009 was $14.5M and in the first six months of this fiscal year of 2010 revenue reached $14.5.  The financial position moving into the second half of this year looks promising.

Michael Hansen, Founder of DubLi and CEO and Director of MediaNet Group, stated, “We are excited that our unique operating strategy successfully maintained momentum and growth during the first half of our fiscal year. We have successfully transferred our US operations to one single location in Boca Raton. We believe that the execution of our prudent and measurable operating strategy will continue to widen the gap between DubLi and any potential competitors during a time where many established shopping portals are struggling due to lack of flexibility and scalability. Our comprehensive operating, growth and financial strategies of the entire DubLi universe are all designed to maximize our relationship with the end consumer and provide them with the best possible experience when visiting our site. We continue to deliver a superior product that has genuine value to the consumer which we believe will drive them to return to our model. One of our competitive advantages is that our business model allows us to offer whatever is in demand at a particular moment in time, regardless of economic issues, and without having to consider ties to any vendor or manufacturer.”

For the full article please visitOtcbb.com

If you are interested in participating in the future of MediaNet Group please contact a stock broker, your bank or a financial institution of your choosing or you are invited to submit a ticket through our ticket system for more information.

The DubLi Commitment

DubLi Network will be the largest, most spectacular and dynamic direct sales company in the world and we are proving it. Through DubLi.com and by the end of 2010 DubLi Network customers as well as all customers will be able to find any product, any music, any book, any game, anything at DubLi.com.

As we diligently move forward in building and developing new, cutting-edge technology we continue as a leader in eCommerce and direct sales industries rapidly pulling away from the pack of competitors leaving those weaker more antiquated companies behind. Every day we become stronger in our offerings, stronger in our technology, stronger in our customer base and stronger in the industries. Our ultimate goal is to become the giant in the direct sales industry and we are well on our way. The DubLi Network is a force to be reckoned with and there will be no stopping us as the global auction coupled with DubLi entertainment, enhanced shopping mall and CINCH provide the utmost in desirable services and products for customers around the globe. With these advancements the borders are lifted and any person in the world can become a DubLi customer – the possibilities are endless.

DubLi is making history and we are doing it together. Continue with us for the journey of a lifetime.

Best regards,
Your DubLi Network Team

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28 May

The Ultimate Home Business – Management Rights

Posted in General on 28.05.10

If you’re looking for a guaranteed salary, plus the right to earn further commission and services income, a Management Rights business may be the way to go.  It offers a great life style, a return on your investment and good resale potential.  It really is the ultimate home business.

Home Doing Business!

What are Management Rights?

Management Rights, sometimes referred to as Management and Letting Rights, isa type of business that began in popular holiday areas such as Surfers Paradise, Australia over 25 years ago.  As more and more residential and holiday units, apartment complexes and town house/villa developments were built, the developers realized the advantages of having an onsite manager who would look after the day to day running  of the complex and the letting of units for absentee owners.  Now Management Rights Businesses are firmly established throughout Queensland and New South Wales and in other holiday destinations throughout the world.

When Management Rights are purchased, the buyer also buys the designated Manager’s unit in a complex and it is from here he runs the business. There is often an office provided in the complex for the manager as well

How Does the Manager Make an Income?

Body Corporate Salary

The manager is paid a salary from the Body Corporate. The Body Corporate isthe collective body of all the individuals who own units in the building.  The salary is indexed to the CPI (Cost Price Index) to allow for automatic annual increases.

In return for the salary the manager looks after all the common areas in the complex such as the pool, gardens, pathways, tennis courts, gyms, stairwells, lifts and foyers.

The Body Corporate pays for items such as mower repairs and fuel, pool chemicals, plants and fertilizer.

Letting Fees

The manager earns money

from owners of units who wish to rent their units out to holiday makers or long term tenants.  He is usually paid 12% of the rental fee for holiday letting and 5% plus a 2.5% management fee for permanents.  Permanent letting is considered 6 or 12 months or longer.

Holiday letting usually gives a higher income as there are additional ways to earn more income such as phone calls, tours, linen and cleaning.  However, permanent complexes often have 100% occupancy and have less hours of work and less day to day contact with tenants.

Many Management Right Businesses have a mix of holiday and permanent letting units.  All money collected from holiday and permanent letting is held in a trust fund and dispersed to unit owners, after expenses are taken out, at the end of each month.  By law the the trust account is required to be audited regularly.

Room Cleaning and Linen Hire Fees

In holiday complexes the manager can earn a substantial income from cleaning units and from linen hire. The owner of the unit pays for the cleaning/linen hire fees.  Whether you do exit cleans yourself will depend on the size of the complex.  In big complexes many managers contract a bulk set rate to commercial cleaners and charge a retail rate to owners. The choice in small and medium complexes is – do the physical work yourself and earn more or hire labour and earn less.

Other income

Other sources of income for the manager are repairs and maintenance for unit owners, telephone and internet usage, sporting equipment, tours and car hire.

Restricted Letting Agent’s Licence

To legally let the units the manager will have to obtain a Restricted Letting Agent’s licence which is a short course of 6 modules through TAFE Australia. This can be done at Tafe courses, by correspondence or online.  It is not difficult.

Cost of Management Rights

The manager’s unit is usually sold at market value plus a premium of 10% to 20%.  This is because the manager’s unit is the only unit in a complex where the business can be run from.  The business value is calculated by the nett profit over the last 12 months multiplied by the goodwill factor currently known as the multiplier.  A small complex may sell with a multiplier of 3 or 3.5 while a large high rise apartment block with an income of over $100.000 may be a 5.0 or 5.5 multiplier.

The cost of Management Rights businesses ranges from as low as $350,000 to up to $5,000,000 depending on the location of the property, condition of the complex, occupancy rate and nett income.

I hope this has given you an overview about Management Rights.  It is a great home business with a chance to earn a good income.  It’s ideal for singles, couples and those who are older and finding it harder to get jobs and the semi retired.

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17 May

Landscaping For Best Price

Posted in General on 17.05.10

Landscaping For Best Price

Nice Clean Landscaping




When it’s time to sell your house, you should seriously consider having its landscaping updated to making it more appealing. It’s one of the best ways to immediately improve the overall appeal of your house, and it’s a great way to help it sell more quickly.

Create A Plan -

While doing a few things out in your garden or other outdoor area all willy-nilly can help a little bit, having a firm plan in place is a much more effective way of doing things. If landscape design isn’t exactly your forte, you should ask someone you know who has a knack for it. Otherwise, give serious thought to hiring a professional landscaping company. The right business will be able to come up with a plan that fits within your budget, and can create a look for your home’s landscaping that will seriously increase its overall value. With a plan, you can get a lot more done for a lot less.

Focus On One Major Improvement -

As a part of your overall landscaping plan, focus on one element that will make the biggest and most apparent impact on the appearance of your yard. New pathways, for example, can give landscaping a put together and very appealing look. A new deck or patio is also always a nice choice. Simply tearing out tired old bushes and having fresh, colourful and attractive ones planted instead can go a really long way. You might want to ask your conveyancing Brisbane firm for ideas, too – they might have a few good ones for you to consider.

Tidy It Up -

If nothing else, you absolutely must tidy up your home’s landscaping and make it neat and appealing. Scraggly bushes, untrimmed trees and grass with weeds poking up throughout will do nothing to help you sell your house. A landscaping company can be hired to come in and do a bit of basic maintenance to get your yard looking tiptop once again. While they’re at it, you could have them throw in a new flower bed or even a small, ornamental fountain. The point is, your yard is the first thing that people see when they approach your home – make yours look stunning, and you’ll get more when it sells.

(ArticlesBase SC #1668546)

If You Want The Best Price!

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