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17 Mar

Dubli Shares

Posted in General on 17.03.10

Recently there has been a substantial amount of inquiries regarding MediaNet Group Technologies, Inc., the parent company of DubLi. MediaNet Group is a public company trading in the US on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) under the ticker symbol MEDG. The stock of MediaNet Group (OTCBB: MEDG) had a recent price close of $0.54 on March 8, 2010 and has a 52 week range of $0.03-$1.01.

If you are interested in purchasing MediaNet Group shares, please contact your bank, pension administrator or broker and inform them that MediaNet Group trades on the OTCBB under the ticker symbol MEDG.



Newsletter 02/09/2010 -


The DubLi team is extremely proud to inform that we are now
part of a Public Company. DubLi and our affiliated companies merged
with MediaNet Group Technologies, Inc., a publicly-traded company.
MediaNet Group Technologies is listed on the United States OTC Bulletin
Board with the stock symbol of MEDG.

Our primary goal and focus
has always been to create long-term shareholder value and a company for
which we can all be proud. Being a publicly-traded company allows us
the opportunity to further expand this mission and gives way for us to
truly create a worldwide shopping enterprise that creates significant
worth to our shareholders, business associates and loyal team of

The following is important for your investment understanding:

  • The
    merger closed in the fourth quarter 2009. As a result, we must
    now comply with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission
    (SEC) rules, regulations, financial and informational guidelines. There
    are many filings to be fulfilled by us with the SEC in the next several
    months and we are in the process of meeting these regulations. The
    timing of acceptance by the SEC is not exact and we will keep you
  • Upon
    the completion of certain regulatory obligations, you will be
    issued “restricted” common shares at a ratio of
    approximately 2.7 of
    MEDG shares for each DubLi share. In accordance with the SEC, the
    common shares issued to you will be “restricted”,
    as defined by the
    SEC, and therefore a holding period of 12 months is mandatory after
    which time you can request your common shares to become unrestricted
    and thereby “free-trading”.
  • Your
    common shares are expected to be distributed to you in the
    second quarter of 2010 as we fulfill the requirements of the SEC and in
    accordance with our agreements.
  • We
    will now be filing quarterly reports of operations with the SEC
    on a timely basis and in accordance with SEC regulations. Our initial
    filing of operational results will be in mid-February, 2010, reflecting
    our three months of operations for the period ended December 31, 2009.
    Following our first report of operations as a combined entity, the
    market should begin to understand the full potential and value of our

Our management team at DubLi has sincerely valued your investment and
partnership with us. In the coming months, as permitted by the SEC, our
story of growth, success and economic potential will come to light and
we look forward to your continued participation in creating long-term
shareholder value.

I want to personally thank you for all your support and partnership in
creating DubLi’s success in the past and the future.


Hansen, President and Chief Executive Officer



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